This guide assumes that you have a functioning website with Acquia Lift. If you need to troubleshoot configuration, here are some helpful links:

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You host a sports website that publishes articles about baseball, football, basketball and hockey. The primary goal of your website is to drive newsletter signups - which provide an avenue to promote premium (paid) content. During a recent dive into analytics it was found that the home page bounce rate was at 80%, meaning that 80% of the users who came in to the home page did not interact with any other part of the site before exiting...and only 1% eventually signed up for newsletters.

The team believes the home page in its current state is too generic and by personalizing to the user's preference for a team they can increase engagement and subsequently drive more newsletter signups as users are finding the content more relevant to their personal taste.

The elements on the home page are:

  • Hero image with a headline and subtitle
    • Set to show 4 slides in random order, one for each sport's article listing page
  • Newest articles listing in right sidebar
    • sport agnostic
  • 4 featured articles - 1 per sport
    • Tagged as featured on node
  • 4 player news blocks
    • newest for each sport

The team decides that a complete takeover of the home page to someones favorite sport would be too much as users may be interested in more than 1 sport, so they decide to personalize based on the users preference for a given team per sport. They decide to change the following:

  1. Make the hero slideshow primary article the latest article for their TOP favorite team across all sports, the rest are generic to each sport
  2. Make the player news into the latest news blurb from a player for their favorite team per sport
  3. Make the featured articles specific to their favorite team per sport, if no preference show latest

Using Acquia Lift -- make this dream a reality.